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IMG_3821Had a lovely walk this morning in glorious sunshine, over the golf course and through the wood at Paul’s Pond.

The pond drained to repair the dam.  Below is some information about it from Councillor Barry Anderson.IMG_3820IMG_3819

June 23rd, 2016
I have been advised of the information below by the Council’s Parks Officer:

“On the 4th July we intend to start essential dam works at Paul’s Pond. Since December 2015 we have been monitoring the dam as a small depression was seen by the dam wall close to where the valve chamber is located. In March the situation changed dramatically with a large swallow hole appearing on the other side of the dam path close to the valve chamber. As a result of this we brought in a Reservoir Inspector to look at the situation. The outcome of the survey was a leaking dam wall and emergency repairs required to prevent a breach leading to a loss of the contained water.

Please note that the current position is not life threatening or likely to cause substantial damage to assets.

The works are going to entail: –

An additional valve attached behind the existing valve to have a back-up in case one of the valves fail.
A 600mm lowering of the water level to reduce the likelihood of a breach occurring and make the structure safer
Removal of all fish from Paul’s Pond
The removal of all silt in a 30 metre radius from the valve chamber. The silt will be deposited behind the willows at the south end of the Paul’s Pond in straw bale enclosures.
Removal of all vegetation growing out of the upstream face of the dam wall. Stumps to be treated with glyphosate to prevent regrowth.
Removal of all trees on the downstream face of the dam to the point of the dam toe. The end result will be a grass banking to facilitate easy checking of the dam structure for leaks and to prevent tree roots compromising the dam structure. All timber to be removed from site, brash chipped and removed as well.
Draining Paul’s Pond to enable works to be done on the dam wall. If the leaks are high up it may be possible to avoid a complete drain.
Excavate behind the dam wall in the vicinity of the valve chamber to locate the leak points
Apply puddling clay and maybe a cement face to the leak areas and backfill with the excavated soil.

For the works to take place the following measures will also be employed: –

Closure of footpaths in the areas of the tree works.
Closure of paths in the vicinity of the dam repairs.
A temporary enclosure at the south end of the Breary Marsh next to the bridleway entrance from the A660. Welfare facility to be installed, puddling clay stored, temporary stock pile area for felled timber, stone for path remediation works and creating temporary stream crossing.
Removal of some trees on the access route to the dam from the above enclosure
600mm pipe covered with crushed stone to enable a safe vehicle crossing at the horse ford in Breary Marsh (On access route to dam)
Ecologist to be employed to remove crayfish where the silt traps are to be located below the valve chamber culvert, where the vehicle crossing is to be constructed and from the false stream that runs from the valve chamber to the spillway water channel (this will dry-up when the leak is repaired).”






Well it was Tetleys forst walk to Pauls Pond, another lovely walk from my house.  Over Cookridge Golf Course first.



Didn’t trust Tetley off the lead to start with ……..he wasn’t impressed.

Breary Marsh

Breary Marsh

When we got to the gate into Breary Marsh he was off.  Down the path, through the trees and into the water!

Pauls Pond is hardly a pond – its a lake really.

Tetley is a lurcher – that is any sight dog cross – definitely greyhound and something!  Greyhounds don’t like water, however Tetley enjoys playing in the shallows .  He’s not so sure about swimming although he has had a couple of dips that show he can do.  Today was another one of those dips…….shortly after these photos below were taken, he leapt in after a duck.  








The side of the lake was too high for him to get out!!!  He was panicking and so was I.  I ended up having to haul him out by his front legs, nearly falling in myself in the process!   

IMG_0017 IMG_0018

Pauls Pond and Golden Acre (My Patch Part 2)

Went for a walk today with my friend and Sparky.  Across Cookridge Golf course and on to Paul’s Pond, Breary Marsh and Golden Acre Park.  This is Part 2 of “My Patch”.


Cookridge Golf Course

Cookridge Golf Course

It is pretty good for birds and wildlife

and is well managed.

There are plenty of woodland copses and hedgerows, together with a lake, makes for quite a few different habitats.  There are gulls, blackbirds, crows, rooks, thrushes, redwings, waxwings, great tits, blue tits, coal tits, long tailed tits, greenfinch, goldfinch, bullfinch, house sparrows, dunnocks have all been seen.  the redwings and waxwing only this winter.  There is occasionally a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

If you walk on the footpath from Holt Farm on Holt Lane, and follow the yellow topped marker posts, you will eventually come to Breary Marsh and Pauls Pond.


Breary Marsh

Click on the map to enlarge.  Then click here for a bit more info

It is a beautifully quiet spot normally, but has become busier as the route from Golden Acre has been developed, which makes it suitable for disability scooters.

Path through Breary Marsh

The pond was used for private fishing, not sure if it still is.  Today was iced over which it has been for about a month and there were no signs of any water fowl.

Pauls Pond

Pauls Pond

As you can see, these photos were taken in spring time.  The lillies are beautiful and provide a home for baby coots.

Coot Babies on Lillies

Today is the first time that I saw a nuthatch there.  Loads of chaffinch, blue and great tits and blackbirds.  Its a great walk for dogs too, but have to keep them on the lead over the golf course.  There is a stream running through from the pond to Golden Acre.  The trees around the pond are mainly mature deciduous trees.  those further on are alder, birch and silver birch.

Trees at Pauls Pond

I love trees

I absolutely love trees.  They are so photogenic and the differing light coming through the branches and leaves is quite beautiful.