Its an area of Britain I’ve only just discovered and I love it.  Totally unspoilt so far.


From Carnforth in the south to Milnthorpe in the north, Morecambe bay to the west and the A6 being the border east.


If you love wildlife, birds, walking, spectacular scenery, peace and quiet, this is the place to go.

Morecambe bay is stunning and these pictures don’t do justice to its vastness.


I’ve visited twice now and will return many times, having found a brilliant caravan club CL site.  When we arrived the first time there were deer running in far fields.  We’ve seen an osprey and curlews from our caravan pitch.


Arnside is one of the places time forgot.  It has two pubs with great beer and food.  Great views, a railway station and plenty of nice walks. What more could you want Its lovely.  Oh and location is recently for where Nick from Coronation Street got stuck in quicksand.  You can cross Morecambe Bay from Arnside to Grange Over Sands at the North side, but at your peril if you do so without a guide to show you the way to avoid the quicksand.

IMG_5989This walk up Wharton Crag gave some fabulous views of the whole of Morecambe bay .  It was also here at the start of our walk that we saw peregrine falcons nesting in the disused quarry.


Leighton Moss RSPB reserve is nearby and is well worth a visit.  Highlights for us when we went were Mash Harriers and a heron eating an eel, which was quite a task.

We visited Heysham on the coast just below Morecambe and found this really interesting chapel.


As for Morecambe, lets just say I’d give it a miss.  I know they are trying to regenerate the place but it is pretty much dead.  Had to have a photo with Eric though.




Recharging my soul

I’m a humanist so I regard my soul as my inner being – the place where all the components that make me me live.  My soul has felt a little degraded recently along with my confidence.  Not sure why …………….could be an age thing!  But today, today its been rejuvenated.  How????  Very simple……….my trusty Virago 535 and the Yorkshire countryside.  What more could you want?


A 67 mile round trip to Malham in North Yorkshire.  Originally, I decided to go and see the peregrines at the Cove.  Peregrines at Balham Cove,  So loaded my bike with my heavy camera rucksack with my Canon 7D with large zoom attached and set off.  However, when I got there, after a lovely cup of coffee and carrot cake, I took the path I thought led to the Cove, but yet again my memory mis-served me and it was the path to Janets Foss.  So didn’t need the rucksack! Doh!


It was a lovely walk though.  So peaceful, gorgeous sunny weather and lots of birdsong.


The wild garlic covered the floor, a missile thrush sang its heart out, a dipper in the stream was gathering food for its young residing in a hollowed out tree trunk and a woodpecker drummed in the distance.


Janets Foss wasn’t as full as normal but this border collie was enjoying the cool water.

Don’t know what a zebra was doing in the Yorkshire Dales!  This pub supplied a welcome cold drink and although I didn’t partake the food looked gorgeous.  I will be back.


A very short walk just over 2 miles, but can be easily extended by carrying on across the road after Janets Foss and following the footpath to the cove.

I love my adopted county and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.


Had a fantastic long weekend in London, topped off by my team the Leeds Rhinos winning the Challenge Cup in fantastic blazing style.  Brilliant experience – never been before.  Amazing stadium and atmosphere.  Rugby League fans rub shoulders together without animosity.  Friendly banter and fans from all clubs attend making it a really special family occasion.

IMG_2101 IMG_2103 I cried my eyes out when Danny Jones’s wife sang Abide With Me.  Danny died of an undiagnosed heart condition whilst playing for Keighley Cougars against London Skolars earlier this year.  He left his wife with twin babies.  She is a professional singer and completely stunned the crowd with her singing and courage.  We stood, sang with her and cheered and clapped till our hands were sore.  Danny would have been so proud.



The rhinos were on fire.  They beat Hull KR 50 points to nil.  Tom Briscoe made five tries making an all time record.

The Hull KR fans were brilliant, staying to the end and supporting their team.   We left the stadium on a high and went to celebrate in London with a few beers.


Adel Woods north leeds

Have had some lovely dog walks at Adel woods.  Been going here for years with all my dogs.  Lots of people do the same but it never seems crowded.  Its a mixed woodland with a small moorland.

From the moor you can catch sight of the old Adel Reformatory

The sun shining through the leaves make dappled patterns on the soft forest floor.


There are many paths to choose from and is a great place for orienteering.  You can ride your mountain bike through here and get a really good workout.  There’s plenty of birds and wildlife and its so lovely and peaceful.



Can be very muddy at times, particularly when the bikers have been through.

Adel Woods is part of the Meanwood Valley Trail.  Click here for a leaflet of the trail.



Friends of Adel Woods Website

Meanwood Valley Partnership


Had a lovely walk with Mike and Tetley today at Aysgarth Falls in the Dales near Leyburn.  The river Ure winds its way through  Wensleydale, tumbling over limestone at Aysgarth.  There are a number of waterfalls but Upper, Lower are accessible but the Middle can be viewed from a platform.  

IMG_1896 IMG_1947

The Yorkshire Dales National Park information centre there has a shop and cafe.  The scones are absolutely amazing.  I had a cherry and sultana one with jam and cream.  I actually struggled to finish it, which is unheard of

 AND there was so much cream that I didn’t need it all – again unheard of! 

IMG_1938 IMG_1942


This walk is taken from the  Fantastic website for walkers.



This book deals with biotechnology.  Quite a fascinating read and very informative.  I didn’t realise how far genetic engineering had come and I found it rather un-nerving.  Do we think its right to change the molecular nature of various animals for our benefit?  Could it be that we are able to engineer changes that benefit the animal itself or are we meddling at our peril??  To be honest I found the book a bit hard going but it certainly gave me a lot to think about. franks cat


I’ve been spending some time updating the site making it easier to navigate and find things.  Clicking on the titles across the top of the Home page, will take you a page with links to posts that are relevant to the title.

Butterflies and plants

Here are some images taken on my patch.  I’m don’t know my wild plants or butterflies very well, so any information on these would be gratefully received.  There were also lots of different types of bees.


With Wimbledon in full flow and stating that I love it and look forward to it every year, I’ve been thinking about all the extra bureaucracy and rules that accompany tennis at Englands’ , nay the worlds, top tournament.  Started in 1876 it is the worlds oldest tournament.

England could be accused of being a historical museum as millions of tourists visit each year to explore our historical estates and buildings, towns and cities.  Visitors from countries such as the States and Japan revel and bask in the “cute old world charm” aspects of our culture – and top of the list surely has to be Wimbledon.

Wimbledon, with its afternoon tea, strawberries and cream, Pimms and some weird and wonderful rules. 

THE ALL WHITE DRESS CODE (even underclothing!) – Euginie Bouchard  There can only be “a single trim of color no wider than 1 cm”.  “White does not include off-white or cream.”

TOURNAMENT SPEAK – Ladies and Gentlemens events, women are given titles such as Mr or Mrs or Miss, but men remain called by their surnames.

BOWING AND CURTSEYING  – up until 2003 players were expected to curtsey or bow to the people in the Royal Box.  The Duke of Kent stopped this in 2003, but it is still expected if the Queen or Prince Charles are in attendance.

STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM – Strawberries and tennis both signaled the arrival of summer. Gradually, the two have become an essential part of the tournament. At Wimbledon, nearly 9,000 servings are prepared per day, using only the highest quality strawberries from the county of Kent. The berries are picked the day before being served, arriving at Wimbledon at around 5:30am, where they are inspected before removing the hull. Each year at Wimbledon, 28,000 kg of strawberries are eaten along with 7,000 litres of cream.


THE QUEUE –  Wimbledon is also probably the only place in the world where thousands gather, wait and camp overnight in a queue to gain tickets for the matches.  there is no rush, no uncontrollable mob, or uncouth behaviour.  Around 500 seats are available for each court.  People are given coloured coded wristbands according to corresponding court.  So very British – so well mannered.

TIME OUT – While matches on the women’s tour permit a 10-minute break between sets two and three in conditions in excess of 30C, there are no such guidelines for men

Wimbledon has pulled itself out of the dark ages and apart from the differences between men and women game, the traditions it has makes it stand out and tiny as Britain is, that is what it likes to do!


Well it was Tetleys forst walk to Pauls Pond, another lovely walk from my house.  Over Cookridge Golf Course first.



Didn’t trust Tetley off the lead to start with ……..he wasn’t impressed.

Breary Marsh

Breary Marsh

When we got to the gate into Breary Marsh he was off.  Down the path, through the trees and into the water!

Pauls Pond is hardly a pond – its a lake really.

Tetley is a lurcher – that is any sight dog cross – definitely greyhound and something!  Greyhounds don’t like water, however Tetley enjoys playing in the shallows .  He’s not so sure about swimming although he has had a couple of dips that show he can do.  Today was another one of those dips…….shortly after these photos below were taken, he leapt in after a duck.  








The side of the lake was too high for him to get out!!!  He was panicking and so was I.  I ended up having to haul him out by his front legs, nearly falling in myself in the process!   

IMG_0017 IMG_0018