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Nidderdale walk via Scar Dale Reservoir

Lovely walk, lovely weather.  We did intend to go further by taking the path over In Moor, down to Middlesmoor or Lofthouse, but we were hot and a little short of time.  We actually parked the car on the Waterways road by way mark 7.  The road is private but public are allowed for access to the reservoir.  The road is just after Lofthouse on the right coming from Patley Bridge.

Starting the way by the 7 way mark you go through fields and cross the river by the side of Limely Farm.  The dogs are noisy but tied up! (poor things).  there’s a climb up to way mark1 and a straight forward walk with lovely views down the Nidd Valley, then another climb up to way mark 3.   From here you get good views of the reservoir.  The walk is nearly all on the the Nidderdale Way.  You cross over the dam and reach the end of the Waterways road.  There is a car park and information area and thankfully a little cafe for a welcome cup of tea.  We then walked back along the road to the car.

If you take a dog along you should keep it on an extending lead. Lots of nesting birds and sheep.