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Frogs like the sun

What a fantastic March we’ve had here.  Spring is coming earlier each year, but watch out because the unseasonably sunny warm weather is probably our summer!!! So enjoy every minute, these frogs in my pond certainly are.  During the breeding they alway hid every time I went near, no matter how quietly I approached.  Today however, they let me stand inches from them and didn’t move a muscle allowing me to get the photo I’d been waiting for.  Not sure which is female or which is male.  Female is normally bigger so I would guess it is the female that is out of the water.


Frogs Frogs Frogs

 We’ve had frogs in our pond in the front garden for years, but it appeared to have sprung a leak, so after the last lot of spawn had become frogs and hopped off wherever frogs go, I dug out.  I made it a little bigger 
and lined it with new liner, populated it with some nice new plants and filled it up again.  I was really pleased with it.

I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t get the frogs back, but I needn’t have worried.  They are back or never left!!  There are four males and just

one poor female!  They have produced between them two collections of frogs spawn.  Not as much as previous years though.    Not a brilliant photo but gives you an idea.  Hopefully I will be able to get more photos as things progress    .


This link will give you lots more information on the amazing common frog.