An ostrich can run at a speed of 60km per hour.  That it’s egg is 16cm in length and up to 1.9kg in weight.  It can lay up to 50 eggs.

Sooty terns spend up to 6-8 years non stop flying.  it will land as an adult in order to breed.

Puffins live in burrows.  Their beaks are only colourful for the breeding season.  There are 9 coloured plates, which drop off after breeding season.

Emperor penguins can dive to 500m and last for 18minutes underwater.  They will march up to 22km to find a good breeding place.

The Arctic Tern will cover 40,00 miles from north to south and back, when it migrates.

The biggest Gannet colony is on Bass Rock, Scotland in the Firth of Forth.  (140,000).

House Sparrows Pecking Order

You can tell the “rank” of a house sparrow by the size of its black bib.  The bigger its bib the more senior it is and every sparrow knows its place.  This visual sign that the birds recognise helps to keep the peace, particularly in large flocks.

Not a brilliant photo I’m afraid, but you can see below a house sparrow with quite a large black bib.


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  1. Hi Helen, You have taught me something new! Good to know about the House Sparrow’s order of things and the size of that black bib. Thanks for sharing! Have an extra nice day!

    February 1, 2011 at 4:28 pm

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