Well it was Tetleys forst walk to Pauls Pond, another lovely walk from my house.  Over Cookridge Golf Course first.



Didn’t trust Tetley off the lead to start with ……..he wasn’t impressed.

Breary Marsh

Breary Marsh

When we got to the gate into Breary Marsh he was off.  Down the path, through the trees and into the water!

Pauls Pond is hardly a pond – its a lake really.

Tetley is a lurcher – that is any sight dog cross – definitely greyhound and something!  Greyhounds don’t like water, however Tetley enjoys playing in the shallows .  He’s not so sure about swimming although he has had a couple of dips that show he can do.  Today was another one of those dips…….shortly after these photos below were taken, he leapt in after a duck.  








The side of the lake was too high for him to get out!!!  He was panicking and so was I.  I ended up having to haul him out by his front legs, nearly falling in myself in the process!   

IMG_0017 IMG_0018


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