So I’ve taught my lovely little guitarists and stop off for a pint at The Barge next to the canal in Rodley.  Nice little pub, friendly and always have good selection of real ales.  Always feel fine coming here on my own for quiet drink.  Rodleys a nice place on the outskirts of Leeds, situated next to the Leeds Liverpool canal.  I spend quite a lot of time around here as I have friends who live here or nearby.  I have taught in Calverley and Farsley which are great “town villages” that sandwich Rodley – with Rodley being the filling!  All three places have a vibrant community with various events taking place throughout the year.


The other pub across the road from the Barge in The Owl.  This pub used to be a stonkingly brilliant pub with good food, great beer, events and live music.  This was the pub I used to frequent regularly until Enterprise decided to basically to push the rent up so much that the landlady and family were forced to leave.  There was a massive campaign in support of her and her family who ran the pub.  Television, radio, papers, councillors and MPs all joined in but Enterprise Pub Co stuck its heels in and let her go and it has never been the same since.  Such stupidity and stubbornness on the part of the Pubco and is now left with a fairly empty pub.  Gina Howard the best landlady anybody could want left and went up the road to Farsley to manage the newly refused Fleece pub.  And what an amazing turnaround that has had.  It wins Camara awards regularly and is a great success.  So your loss Enterprise!



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