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Wimbledon is here again!  I love Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.  The coliseum like atmosphere, individual against individual, facing each other across the net.  The sound of the balls flying over the nets, skimming the surface and sending flying blades of grass, chalk and dust.  The physical stamina and fitness, the mental strength and character needed to take part.  The sweat, the glow, the ping of the strings as an ace is hit down the line.  Volleys, backhands, smashes, net calls, slips and slides, twists and turns. The crowds, the gasps, the screams of frustration, the shout of joy and pumping of fists.  The line calls and hawk eye replays, the anticipation and the nerves, the tension of a tie break.  The British weather sunshine now and rain again – the covers on the covers off, the roof closed the roof open. Robinson drinks, green towels, linesmen and women dodging powerful shots coming right at them.  The birds on the court and Rufus the Harris Hawk.  Henman Hill or Murray Mount – game, set and match.


Rats ‘dream’ paths to a brighter future: When rats rest, their brains simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat — ScienceDaily

Rats ‘dream’ paths to a brighter future: When rats rest, their brains simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat — ScienceDaily.


Well it was Tetleys forst walk to Pauls Pond, another lovely walk from my house.  Over Cookridge Golf Course first.



Didn’t trust Tetley off the lead to start with ……..he wasn’t impressed.

Breary Marsh

Breary Marsh

When we got to the gate into Breary Marsh he was off.  Down the path, through the trees and into the water!

Pauls Pond is hardly a pond – its a lake really.

Tetley is a lurcher – that is any sight dog cross – definitely greyhound and something!  Greyhounds don’t like water, however Tetley enjoys playing in the shallows .  He’s not so sure about swimming although he has had a couple of dips that show he can do.  Today was another one of those dips…….shortly after these photos below were taken, he leapt in after a duck.  








The side of the lake was too high for him to get out!!!  He was panicking and so was I.  I ended up having to haul him out by his front legs, nearly falling in myself in the process!   

IMG_0017 IMG_0018


So I’ve taught my lovely little guitarists and stop off for a pint at The Barge next to the canal in Rodley.  Nice little pub, friendly and always have good selection of real ales.  Always feel fine coming here on my own for quiet drink.  Rodleys a nice place on the outskirts of Leeds, situated next to the Leeds Liverpool canal.  I spend quite a lot of time around here as I have friends who live here or nearby.  I have taught in Calverley and Farsley which are great “town villages” that sandwich Rodley – with Rodley being the filling!  All three places have a vibrant community with various events taking place throughout the year.


The other pub across the road from the Barge in The Owl.  This pub used to be a stonkingly brilliant pub with good food, great beer, events and live music.  This was the pub I used to frequent regularly until Enterprise decided to basically to push the rent up so much that the landlady and family were forced to leave.  There was a massive campaign in support of her and her family who ran the pub.  Television, radio, papers, councillors and MPs all joined in but Enterprise Pub Co stuck its heels in and let her go and it has never been the same since.  Such stupidity and stubbornness on the part of the Pubco and is now left with a fairly empty pub.  Gina Howard the best landlady anybody could want left and went up the road to Farsley to manage the newly refused Fleece pub.  And what an amazing turnaround that has had.  It wins Camara awards regularly and is a great success.  So your loss Enterprise!



If you search my site you will come across a few posts for “My Patch”.  This is the one I’ve mentioned before just behind my house. It used to be farm land and much of it was sold off and was turned into a golf course but these two fields remain.  This filed is full of buttercups, clover and various grasses.  There is a spring that bubbles from the ground on occasions, creating a very small stream, but it has dried up considerably from when we first arrived here in the 80’s.  There is a wet area which becomes a pond when theres plenty of rain and many rabbit burrows.  I’ve spied roe deer and foxes here.  There are many varieties of birds and it is awash with birdsong. My favourites are the magnificent red kites which are regulars over the fields and my house.  

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As you can see I’ve changed the name of this blog to rambling  This I feel reflects more of its content ……or not as the case may be.

Rambling as in walking or wandering and in “rambling on” ………..talking, discussing expressing thoughts and ideas.

Excursions as in journeys, whether it be walks, bike rides, holidays etc, including wildlife or the journey we are all on that is “life.”

On ainsdale beach. First time on sand