Why the English talk about the weather so much!

Our weather is being even more weird than usual!  Think there’s quite a few places around the world having the same experience, but it’s no wonder the English talk about the weather so much.  I mean its a starter of conversation with everyone isn’t it?  Where else in the world can you get floods and a hose pipe ban within a hundred miles of each other?  And the Englishman with an umbrella – that incidentally was invented in India where they have monsoons – its true isn’t it?  You can never be sure from one day or one hour to the next when the next shower will arrive.

The weather has such an impact on our live; what we do, how we feel………….  There are many people who are effected by Seasonal Deficit Disorder – SAD- a very appropriate name for the melancholy condition felt through lack of UV rays.  Even if you don’t there is absolutely no doubt that we all feel better in the sunshine.  Our weather here has been wet, windy and miserable for months with the very odd sun break.  And what about the affect on wildlife?  The birds that migrate here for the summer must think they’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere.  But there’s still plenty of juveniles around, fluttering their wings and asking their parents to still feed them and some young ones trying to puzzle out how to use the feeders – it doesn’t take them long.

The Leeds Waterfront Festival was on Saturday – normally a lovely sunny occasion- was beset by wind and rain.  It didn’t stop people enjoying themselves though.  The Dragon Boat racing still took place and there were still many stalls selling their wares, much beer and food and UMBRELLAS!!

Leeds Waterfront Festival – Dragon Boat Racing


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