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Adel Dam

Went for a walk around Adel Dam nature reserve recently.  A small reserve maintained by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Haven’t been for a while even though it’s just down the road.  It was fairly quiet to be honest and there’s probably more bird life at the park next to it.  Saw Jays and Mandarin Ducks along with Greater Spotted Woodpecker.  Got some great photos recently.

Male Mandarin

Female Mandarin with chicks

Moor Hen Chick

Moor hen mother

Greater Spotted Woodpecker – female

Where’s Woody? He is there!!!

Woody finding bugs in tree


Heron and Little Egret Stand-Off!

Whilst at Manton Bay (Rutland Water), we watched a Grey Heron move a Little Egret out of its territory.  have a look at the photo sequence of events.

“I’m just not even gonna look at you!”

I“If I flap my wings about a bit maybe he’ll get the idea!”

“Ok, ok, I’m going!”

“This’ll do at least they look a bit more friendly!”

“Ooooo, heck, obviously not far enough!  I’m off!”

“Finally !  He gets the idea!”

Rutland Ospreys.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to go down to Rutland Water with a friend to see the Ospreys that had returned to breed in Manton Bay.  Click on the link if you’d like to learn more.

There’s a road bridge at the Manton Bay end which gives you an even better view of the osprey nest than the hide in the nature reserve does.  This is where we stopped as we didn’t have many hours to spare.

Osprey nest at Manton Bay.

Man made platform for Osprey nest

We were lucky we saw what we think was two females and a male.  There was a female in the nest and one in the trees nearby.  The male “seemed” to be having his way with both females.  Here is a video of him mating with the female in the tree – you will only know this because I’m telling you, as it is taken from a  long way away.

Did you spot them??

This next video shows the male in flight, eventually landing in the tree near to the female.  Be patient as it takes me a while to find the osprey in the sky!! LOL.

It was a thrill to witness this!  (How sad am I?)

Woodpecker video

Here’s my first video on my blog – hope it works.