Nature Can Be Cruel

The last couple of weeks I have been watching a pair of robins fly in and out or the leylandi  (do you spell it like that) hedge in our back garden.  It looked like they had nested there but I didn’t dare go and look.  This was sadly confirmed at the weekend when I found three dead chicks on the hammock which was next to the hedge.  The chicks only looked to be maybe a week old at most and had not been eaten at all.  So it didn’t look as if a predator had got to them.  I believe robins can sometimes get rid of chicks if they think the nest is not safe.  Or maybe it was a rival male?  What’s confusing me is that the chicks were actually  about a foot or two away from the hedge and not below the nest.  Looked like they’d been thrown out!!  If anybody can throw any light on this I’d like to hear.


Below are a couple of photos of the tadpoles in my pond. They’re not brilliant photos as I haven’t got a macro lens.  There are literally thousands of them – however, many are being eaten by the Blackbirds.  Maybe that’s why frogs produce so many.




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