Spring at the park and in the garden

Fantastic weather again-so glad I work part time.  Busy day in the garden yesterday, tidying up and seeding lawn.  Its very patchy and full of moss.  Raking it left a huge pile of moss for the birds building their nests.  Here’s half of my garden – it’s only small, with my summer house that I absolutely love and sit in as often as I can and watch the birds on my feeders.  We actually jokingly call it my Wendy house!  Does anyone know where that name came from for a child’s play house?

 Here you can see some of the feeders I have.  


 And two of my very contented companion animals.

Walking my dog through the woods at Golden Acre park at the weekends is one of my most favourite activities.  Watching Sparky hare through the trees after squirrels that he’ll never catch, seeing the birds and rabbits and the new growth as spring really gets going.

These photo’s all taken with my iphone.  Pretty amazing piece of kit – I love it!  Don’t love itunes though!!

Anyway, click on the thumbnails if you want to see the bigger version in all it’s glory.

I’m off now to have a blast on my motorbike.  Kawasaki EN500


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