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Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend.  Great big survey of garden birds throughout the UK.  Did mine this morning at 11.15. The RSPB ask you to record the largest number of one species that you see in your garden in one hour. Here’s the results of mine:

House sparrows  6     Starlings  6     Robins 2        Blue tits 2       Great tits 4    Blackbirds    4    Coal tits 2     Greenfinch 1   Magpie 1
Dunnock 4     Bullfinch 3   Starlings 5


   Excuse the higgleypiggly appearance of this post.  Its a while since I’ve done a proper post and have forgotten how to do it!  Am determined to get my camera and binoculars out and start walking and photographing all things wild and some things soon.

Very similar to last years garden birdwatch – no chaffinch this year although have seen them in the garden, no collared doves but again have been around, no long tails but have seen a couple recently and no brambling which I got last year.  All the others are regulars and my favourites have to be the gold and bull finches.


Birds in my garden

My bird feeders and garden have been busy recently. Blackbirds, starlings, house sparrows, dunnocks, greenfinch, goldfinch,chaffinch,bullfinch, great tits, blue tits, longtail tits, coal tits, wood pigeons, magpies, robins and a couple of crows in the trees at the back

What a beautiful day!

Wrote this the other day on my iPad anddon’t know why it didn’t get posted!  Think iPad is different to my mac! Anyway here it is again.

Went for a walk in the Harewood estate whichit’s not far from home.  I’ve mentioned the red kite walk before in my blog.  I only saw one ! There were the usual tits, robins and blackbirds around.  It was a fantastic day bright, sunny and cold.  The fields sparkled like a sheet of diamonds – frost still hard.  PIty I hadn’t taken my camera.

Hello! I’m back!

Hey where did all those months go? 2012 already!
Happy new year to anybody who is following or reading this.
Been out with Sparky today on my patch and can see the birds easier now the leaves have all gone! It’s been real windy here in Leeds this week. Luckily haven’t had any thing damaged but non sleep for a while! Al least it’s calm now! So I had goldfinches, bullfinches, blue tits, great tits, magpies, wood pigeons, blackbirds chaffinches and gulls this morning and most of them are now on my feeders! The bullfinches plumage is stunning in the winter.