Nature is A-MAZ-ING

Isn’t nature just utterly brilliant.  I am at this very moment sat in my garden watching  four beautiful long tail tits feeding on the food I put out for them.  It’s fantastic that I can do something to encourage the birds to visit my garden, giving them something in return for the honour of just being able to sit and admire them.

Earlier this morning I took Sparky for a walk in the park.  It is a beautiful sunny “nearly spring” day, with crocus and snowdrops out, the trees with their super soft downy buds and the daffodils poking well up through the grass.

I sat on a felled tree trunk and wondered at the life that is all around us.  The birds of the air, the rabbits and moles of the earth, the squirrels of the trees, the lichen and moss that can grow on rocks, the insects that break down all that is dead rejuvenating the earth in its cyclic rhythms.  The trees that give us breath.  And us?  What about us?  Billions of cells of life, cells that make up organs, cells that make our skin, cells that construct our bones and brain and all that is human.

We too are part of nature and we meddle at our peril.


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