Status of birds of prey in the U.K.

Birds of prey

Former status Current status
Eradicated from eastern parts of Britain Increasing in numbers and range

Golden eagle

Eradicated from all of UK except Scotland Population stable, but still absent from much of former range


Eradicated from UK Accidentally reintroduced, now spreading but still persecuted

Hen harrier

Eradicated from almost all of Britain Declining, nesting in Scotland, Wales, NI and a few in England

Honey buzzard

Completely eradicated? Probably stable in small pockets of Britain


Widespread in SE England Doing well, increasing and spreading


Reasonably widespread Moderately declining, reasons unknown

Marsh harrier

Eradicated Increasing from virtually no birds in 1971


Reasonably widespread in upland Britain Status uncertain, possibly declining

Montagu’s harrier

Always restricted in range in Britain Always scarce


Completely eradicated Increasing and spreading but still not recovered


Wiped out from much of Britain Increasing and spreading, now found in most parts of Britain

Red kite

Eradicated from England, Scotland and NI Recovering in all parts of UK, some areas more than others


Population reduced through persecution Recently recovered but now decreasing once more

White-tailed eagle

Completely eradicated Reintroduced to Scotland where it is recovering, still absent from England and Wales



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