Starlings are beautiful and clever!

I was thinking about Linda’s post about starlings, as I watched them devouring the fat block I put out!

Love ’em or hate them starlings really are very clever and when the sun is shining on their feathers, in their best plumage, starlings really are stunning.  Yes, they are the bully boys at the feeders, but you’ve got to admire their tenacity and intelligence.

I try to put fat out away from the feeders and in a couple of places so that its more spread out and this seems to work!  I did however buy a feeding contraption from the RSPB, which was supposed to allow smaller birds in and the bigger ones out.  Look what the starling thought to that!!!!

She doesn't think this'l keep me out does she?

Ha! Easy!

It really made me laugh!  What a waste of money!

Come on you lot.....its a doddle!

ooooo, I think I got my leg stuck!

Ok how'd we get out?

We have had a small flock of about 30 starlings that have roosted in a huge leylandii cypress tree in the garden next but one!  Sharp intakes of breath…………..!  So we have two of some peoples most hated things together!!  Not only those pesky, noisy, starlings but that tree that people in England use to make hedges out of, that grow out of control and cause so many arguments with neighbours!

Anyway, I quite liked having them there, watching their roosting behaviour, as they collect together and form a swarm, speeding through the evening sky, this way and that, inches away from each other, moving in perfect harmony like one being  (murmuration).

During the summer months in my back garden, I sat watching these birds who are so common they are almost overlooked and realised how absolutely beautiful they were.  I took a number of photographs that summer – below are some of them which I hope highlights their best side.


One response

  1. Hi Helen, I just love your photographs of the Starlings! Your bird feeder predicament is similar to my own with the Grey Squirrels. Some battles one just can not win! Have a wonderful day!

    January 25, 2011 at 5:55 pm

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