Waxwing on My Patch

This morning I took Sparky for his usual walk across to the open area over the back of our house.  Well I say usual – it was partly, because after passing by the foxes den, we made a little detour onto the golf course!  Well………………no one was going to be playing, covered in snow and ice!  There had obviously been some sledging going on over the weekend!

Anyway, its got lots of trees, bushes and hedgerows,  lovely places for birds.  The chaffinch, bullfinch and goldfinch were in there usual spots and there were plenty of fox and rabbit tracks in the snow.  Sparky was keen to follow the foxes path and found it did indeed lead back to the hole where I thought foxes could be living.

However, the waxwing that I spotted right at the top of a tree all alone had to be the highlight of the morning.

Just the one

And on My Patch

It was really unexpected.  Just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Was well pleased AND I had my camera and zoom with me.

all alone!

I was surprised that it was all alone, as they usually travel in flocks ……………..I think?



There was a greenfinch on the same tree.  And further on the chaffinch that I see every time.


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