Gulls, snow and redwings????

Took Sparky for walk on fields over back.  About 5 –  6 inches of crisp white snow and all was very quiet.  At 3.30pm as I was making my way back I saw the gulls heading north above me, as they do every day around late afternoon (dusk).  I stood and watched them rising up from the housing estate and counted around 500 gulls all in groups of 10 – 20’s.  There’s the Asda supermarket on the estate and a large secondary school, which no doubt attracts the birds with easy pickings.  I’m not very good at identifying which gull this would be.  I will try to be more observant and let you know!!  By the time I got home at 4, there were more flying over.  This happens every night – one of the most successful birds – scavengers!  Crow are as well aren’t they?  And rooks!  The Red Kites are as well and are pretty successful around here.

Anyway, when I got home into the back garden a flock of about 20 thrush like birds flew overhead, some of which landed in the sycamore tree behind my garden.  I couldn’t get a really close look even through bins, but from size and jizz  (behaviour/movement) I reckon they were Redwings.  I was hoping they had spied my feeders and would descend into my garden, but alas they buggered off!!!


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