Deep and Crisp and Even!

The snowy weather has hit Leeds over the weekend and at the moment it is beautiful. I’m lucky as I don’t work Mondays, so have been out on my patch with Sparky.

It was very quiet and I couldn’t hear or see much around.  I guess they were all at the garden feeders!!

However, I soon saw blackbirds eating the berries still left on various bushes and trees.

The chaffinches were nowhere to be seen, but a dwindling flock of goldfinches were about.As I walked across the golf course I noticed a small family of four greenfinches.  The younger ones often fool me, as they are not very green at all, but you can tell they’re finches by the bill and greenfinches by the flash of a yellow bar on their wings.

Next to them on the same tree were a couple of bullfinch.

I am almost certain that I have found a foxes den/earth on my patch and keep meaning to get up before dawn, to see if I can confirm this with a glimpse, but guess I’m just too lazy!

I will one day.


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