Adel Dam

Adel Dam is a small Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at the far end of Golden Acre lake.

It is well managed by a group of volunteers.  It consists of mixed woodland, with marshy areas and a lake.  I have seen plenty of wildfowl, herons, teal, mandarin, pochard, cormorant, coot, moor hen, woodpeckers, foxes, thrush and roe deer.

There are two hides.  One overlooking a marshy area, that has feeders.  All the tits and finches visit and the greater spotted woodpecker.  The other hide is at the far end of the lake.  It was here that i got the best view I have had of the fox.

Foxes are such beautiful creatures I cannot understand anyone labelling them vermin.

On walking back, i spied the greater spotted woodpecker in the trees.


It doesn’t take much to please me – I was totally made up to have seen these chaps.


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